Monday, 10 March 2014

Chapter 15 : Creating Collaborative Partnerships

Web 2.0 : Advantages of Business 2.0

  • Web 2.0 is the next generation of internet use
Content sharing through open sourcing
  • Source code contains instructions written by a programmer specifying the actions to be performed by computer software
  • Open source refers to any software whose source code is made available free for any third party to review and modify
User-contributed content
  • Created and updated by many users for many users
  • One of the most popular forms of user-generated content is a reputation system, where buyers post feedback on sellers
Collaboration inside the organization 
  • A set of tools that supports the work of teams or groups by facilitating the sharing and flow of the information
  • Collective intelligence is collaborating and tapping into the core knowledge of all employees, partners, and customers
  • A knowledge management systems (KMS) supports the capturing, organization, and dissemination of knowledge throughout the organizations
Collaboration outside the organization
  • The most common form of collective intelligence found outside the organization is crowdsourcing, which refers to the wisdom of the crowd
Networking Communities with Business 2.0
  • Social media refers to websites that rely on user participation and user-contributed content, such as Facebook
  • Social networking is the practice of expanding your business and social contacts by constructing a personal networ
  • Social networking analysis (SNA) maps group contacts identifying who knows each other and who works together
  • Social tagging describes the collaborative activity of marking shared online content with keywords or tags as a way to organize it for future navigation, filtering, or search 
  • Website bookmark is a locally stored URL or the address of a file or internet page saved as a shortcut
  • Social bookmarking allows users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks
Business 2.0 Tools for Collaborating
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Mashups
The Challenges of Business 2.0
  • Technology dependence
  • Information vandalism
  • Violations of copyright and plagarism

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